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I'm just another Rammstein fan , who happens to hanker after one member -hint hint- . I live in rainy England but dream of a Deutsch future. I happen to be of the female variety. ~


Oliver Riedel # Doom Schneider


The photo says it all…
Congratulations my dearest friend !



The photo says it all…

Congratulations my dearest friend !



do you think i wanted this

this obsession with this stupid band

do you think i asked for it

do you think i’m okay with it

you know nothing

You’ve probably not noticed that my blog has been even more untouched recently but I’ve literally just come back from my holiday and business will resume as normal tomorrow *regarding posts and the like *

thank you for just chilling

rammgirl20 said: Share 10 facts about yourself, then pass this to your 10 favourite followers!

This is long , boring and rambly but thank you for asking ! :D
1.) I overthink things alot. When I was tiny I never used to be able to throw away drawings without crayoning a heart around it to ‘protect it’??? from some incinerator after the garbage men took the rubbish.
2.) It’s my birthday tomorrow and I can finally order merch and get dried fruit.
3.) Things that are normal make me smile, like letters. Small things just make my entire day - like someone taking the effort to say hey or getting a package in the mail.
4.) Nomatter how much I want to I can never truly hate someone because there’s always a part of me blaming myself for their doing and feeling guilty/sad for said perpetrator.
5.) I can pretty much throw up on command which is a useless and annoying skill to have.
6.) I bite my nails and I’m tall so whenever I wear beautiful heels I just end up looking too tall and like a man.
7.) Jamie Bamber is as gorgeous as anything, law and order is my sanity.
8.) I want to waist train using a corset *for the perfect hourglass* .
9.) I’m also very persuasive. I managed to convince my entire class in primary I had magical powers  *probably because I started reading Harry Potter whilst they idc, skipped and did handstands because I am terrible at both . In regards to Harry Potter, Sirius Black maaate*
10.) I hate hate hate my hair. I hate my entire eww gross appearance but my hair is by far the most aggravating on a daily basis. Everyone touches it and poofs it and pings it - the ‘awww I wish I had curly hair’ chants make me laugh because trust me, you do not. I can’t run my fingers through it, and if I let it down for a day, you can’t comb it. Brushes cannot be used, and many a widetooth comb has broken in my hair. Straighten it ? If you want to dry it to oblivion. I would shave it all off for convenience, but it’s amazing for headbanging, swishing at people and the cold winter months .

nk you again !

ichliebedichrammstein said: 17 and 24 (:

17. Where you see yourself in 40 years? I see myself still working , part of Queen’s Counsel, met someone *hopefully married* , have maybe one child ^a girl^, own a house/flat, less awkward, more happy

24. Best advice you have ever be given ? I’ve had thousands of pep talks and calming down conversations and bitchy advice, but the piece I apply most to my life was something my friend Freya said  ”Shit hits the fan about once a month, but after it’s cool- don’t worry about it”. I get too anxious and then get sick, and once a month something goes wrong and I panic - but it always fixes itself and it’s just a useful piece of advice for me.

Blog rating : 8 rammsteinnesses out of 8


1. Something you can’t stop thinking about?
2. What you would do if you had all the money in the world?
3. What you think you’re most talented at?
4. How you take it when someone breaks up with you?
5. The list of things you always travel with.
6. Three people you would take to Wonderland.
7. The last thing you were scared about.
8. Favorite eye color on the preferred sex.
9. What comes to your mind when you think about happiness.
10. Describe a person who has hurt you before.
11. A band that changed you and why?
12. Your favorite holiday.
13. A reason you wouldn’t kill yourself.
14. Whether you think most things are worth the risk, or if consequences always outweigh risks?
15. If you like to cuddle.
16. Would you change anything about your life right now?
17. Where you see yourself in 40 years?
18. Something you miss.
19. First kiss?
20. Your description and opinion of cheating?
21. What was the best date you ever had?
22. A recurring dream you have, or just one that has stuck with you.
23. What you think when you look in the mirror?
24. The best advice you’ve ever been given.




I can’t believe I have never realized this before, but Oliver Riedel is as adorable as shit (not meaning it in a bad way).

No way, least adorable man ever :”

But. Your. Username. .-.

IDK, I just probably have an odd ideal of what ‘cute’ is. It’s just, well, when he’s not being all serious and non-smiley he’s so dorky .u. Like in this video.

I was just being awkwardly sarcastic which backfired because text sarcasm awhhh , if you find him cute we pretty much have the same odd ideal of ‘cute’ :’


Ollie - Ich tu dir weh

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